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You will need a CPC certificate after 31st March 2012

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DECC sets deadline of 3rd March 2012

The goverment has specified the 3rd of March as a deadline if it losses the appeal in the High Court

FITS Rates

The goverment has confirmed that you will receive a guaranteed rate of 21p per KWh until April 2012. It is possible however that you may be lucky and receive ...


What we do.

We offer you a FREE no obligation home design and consultation service at which will analyze your available roof space, explain the various options available to you, discuss the size of system which would best meet your needs, offer you a choice of solar panels, and help answer any questions you may have.

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Products & Services.

From the initial assessment and quotation, through to the survey, design and installation we will manage your solar panel installation from start to finish, we will provide with you with a dedicated project manager, who will keep you informed and uptodate all of the way though the process.

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How does it work?

A government backed incentive scheme operates by paying you 12p for every unit of electricity you generate from Solar Panels, tax free, linked to inflation, for 25 years. Additionally you are paid for any electrcity exported at 3.1p per unit. You also save on the units you no longer have to buy!

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How can I benefit from PV solar panels?

Here are just some of the ways you could benefit by having solar panels installed:-solar panels

  • Cut your electricity bills by up to 75%
  • Generate your own FREE Electricity
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Receive FIT's payments

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  • How much can I make from PV solar panels?

    Installing a typical 4KWp system from Cheshire Solar Energy will generate around 3333Kwh per year for which you will be paid around £750 (Tax FREE)via the goverment Feed In Tariff Scheme and save around £200 off your electricity bill.
    Exact output will vary on the size of system installed, the roof configuration, the amount of solar radiation which will vary from location to location from year to year.

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    How much can I save from PV solar panels?

    Using govement standard calculations you will save around £200 per year in electricity you don't have to buy from your electricityprovider. It's assumed that you will use 50% of the electrcity you generate and export the other 50%.
    If you would like a copy of our FREE PDF report detailing the benefits, returns and savings please follow the link below.

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    4KWp Sanyo Panels, SMA Inverter

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